my name is Noelle

Interior Designer Noelle

Being an interior designer requires more than just having an eye for beautiful things. It is about combining skills such as social intelligence, an understanding for space, functionality and more in order to create concepts that are not only beautiful to look at but that clients can relate to. My goal is to create concepts that reflect my costumer's identity. I focus on accentuating the integrity of a space while giving it individuality and character. 

I have had the pleasure of completing some of the most unique projects. With each project I engage in, I take the opportunity to learn and grow personally. From a design perspective I have the pleasure of being innovative by transforming spaces and giving people a piece of happiness they deserve. 

My concepts represent a precise extension of my customers as individuals. After finishing my law degree I realized that law was not something I was passionate enough about in order to dedicate my whole life to becoming the best lawyer I can be. Being a perfectionist I had very little time to figure out what it was that made me happy and whole.

As a newcomer coming from a different field, I make sure to show my clients from A to Z that I am as professional if not even better than certified designers with their knowledge and training, to provide them with the best service. 

My interests in design and architecture are deeply rooted in my persona and have always come very naturally to me. This field of work being my passion has enabled me to work harder than most to achieve amazing results, making me a highly qualified designer.