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From Zürich to Milan and back

From Zürich to Milan and back

The Milan design week also know as the Salone del Mobile has just ended. With Upscale Interiors we went on the mandatory yearly trip down to Milan to explore the newest designs from the best designers and suppliers. The first day we strolled through the design quarter also known as BRERA. The second day we took on the actual fair which was chaotic, crazy, inspiring and exhausting. For us interior designers it is always important to be aware of the newest trends and brands.

For me as a designer it is not a necessity to follow trends for the sake of it but it is important to educate myself on a daily basis on new design trends, fabrics, materials and more. I personally am a strong believer in products that are beautiful but also that have proven to be great for my clients in terms of functionality, quality and general design concept. Therefor it can often be the case that I use designs which aren’t the newest. This does not mean that anything I do is outdated. You might be able to observe that trends are constantly re-surfacing. Our minds have been programmed to get excited for new things and this is why trends have become a seasonal must. Whether or not new designs have actually been established is not at the forefront of these trend waves.

The Salone del Mobile was inspiring and impressive to see. Although at times I did feel like it was more of a “see and be seen"" event, I tried to focus on the pieces of furniture and the different fabrics. This is the one time where you actually can test furniture, feel fabrics and look at finishes from up-close. This is becoming a rare occasion as nowadays everything is bought online without ever being seen in real life, which can be very challenging at times, especially when offering online design services.

I chose to enjoy the aspects of the fair that were valuable to my knowledge growth as a designer and disregarded the more shallow aspect of it that to me, as a designer who wants to be affordable and approachable, was not interesting at all.



My "go to" pieces for great interior design!

My "go to" pieces for great interior design!