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How to get over the struggle of doing your own creative projects.

How to get over the struggle of doing your own creative projects.

How do we get into the right state of mind on a regular basis to actually work on creative projects and pull through? This is not an issue that can be answered in one post, but there is always a starting point.

So I wonder, how do successful individuals manage to be productive and creative on a constant basis? Do they write, paint, compose etc. every day? How do you they devote their lives to creative projects without negleting sleep, their attention to other people and their lives? And even if they manage all these aspects, how do they cope with slippery crises of self-confidence and self-discipline?

Being passionate is definitely a source of drive and ambition to push through although you come to a point where everything seems impossible. Passion definitely drives you forward. But with that said, everything does have its limits in a world where billions of individuals fight each other everyday to become number one.

So I stopped and asked myself: What is my true passion? What makes me excited about what I am doing and how can i make a difference in the world with my passion? My answer was wierd and came very suddenly as I opened my LinkedIn account one day and discovered this:

Reading just these few lines gave me my answer: My passion is to grow as a company but to grow with others , meaning to grow whilst watching others grow alongside me. My vision for my company is to help others grow their sense of home and security. Simultaneously my vision for a successful business to be able to say that I have mad an impact on my local community by also helping others grow to create a network of talents that support each other instead of work against each other.

For me passion means to do what I love in the best way I can to genuinely make others happy and not to make a profit. Profit is important in the capitalistic world we live in today, but we shouldnt forget who we are at our core and stick to our personal principles. Freedom to me means to be confident and strong enough to support others and their businesses and try my best to have a positive impact on their business without feeling threatened.

As I grow professionally and as my business grows I have taken the time to ensure that I research young, upcoming professionals and get in touch with them to start a dialogue where we can learn from each other and maybe eventually create a network where we all can work in harmony towards a shared vision of success of each and every individual’s business.

Therefor I would love to introduce you to the girl who pushed me to write this article and thank her for her great work and inspiring words:

What pushes me forward!

What pushes me forward!