Interior Design

Our team provides you with expert advice on how to make the best of your interiors. An interior design concept created by Novus Interiors includes inspirational boards, product information lists, floor planes, mock-ups and models, design notes and options for additional services as well as the coordination of orders and deliveries.


Advisory Fee
CHF 150.00 / hour

From 10 hours
CHF 140.00 / hour



The inspiration board contains furniture suggestions, materials, paint palette, fabric selection and a selection of decoration.

The product information list contains dimensions, prices, finishes, purchase info and delivery conditions. 

A floorplan to scale is showingcase the room layout with the selected furniture and décor as well as a lighting concept for your space.

A mock-up of different sections of your space allowing you to visualize the final results. 

The design notes and suggestions include a step by step guide on how to bring everything together in your home, where and how to assemble the different products.



Archisketch enables us to work fast and be responsive as well as sketch initial ideas to scale on site and hardline concepts immediately in the most effective way.