A Little Japan Inspired Entrance Combo

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Purchasing the right apartment!

It can be very challenging to purchase a home you like. Thinking out of the box and seeing potential in an apartment that is maybe not 100%

the way you were hoping is a challenge that as the following project shows, is possible with the right helper by your side!


Moodboards - Project Living & Dining

Mapping Out Ideas

Quick Sketches


Inspiration sketch


Entrance and kitchen combo visual


Guest toilet ideas


Living Room Project


Project Make Over Lake View Apartment


Furniture Options



Visions Entrance, Dining, Sleeping, Outdoor Living


-Noelle Simon for Upscale Interiors-

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An example of what a first concept idea could look like.


Vision Master Bedroom

Vision Living

Vision Dining

interior decoration

-Noelle Simon for Upscale Interiors-


Interior design floor plan

An example of a

commercial space

first atmosphere concept.

Vision Cafeteria

modern interior design styles

lively common area

single person tables / small retreat booths

lunch meeting area / conference room

charging stations

retreat sections

small staff kitchen area

home interior design ideas

more coming soon . . .