Office Interior Design

Great office design should always reflect and reinforce a business’s core values. Designing workspaces can be a major investment for a company that can affect a number of business outcomes, including productivity, engagement, employee satisfaction, engagement, talent recruitment and brand impact. We approach workplace design in a strategic and pragmatic way. We ask the right questions, we listen and above all we include employers and employees and the decision making process.


Advisory Fee
CHF 150.00/hour

From 10 hours
CHF 140.00/hour



Our approach is to start the process with a briefing session. In our team we refer to this first step as: “ creating the vision”.

We create a clear outline of the brief which forms the foundation of the design process.

We then take on workplace research, block planning, concept design, detail design and finishes to provide the most cost and time effective solutions.



Archisketch enables us to work fast and be responsive as well as sketch initial ideas to scale on site and hardline concepts immediately in the most effective way.